maandag 26 november 2012

Most common problems experienced by people with Borderline

Yes we all know about this. People with a disorder all have some issues so the same goes for people who have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but what are the most general problems? In this blog I have listed the nineteen most common problems BPD patients experience. This list right there, just gave me the idea to write a whole series of blog posts on this.
So what is the plan you ask? Every day I will be writing one blog post about one of the general problems. I will write and publish them in the order indicated in this blog. So basically you can see this blog as an introductory blog about the most common problems of people having BPD. Without further delay, below you will find the most common problems, people with Borderline are experiencing.
  1. Reliving the past
  2. Emotional reaction
  3. Relying on others
  4. Separation Fear
  5. Scared of the future
  6. Making decisions
  7. Communication problems
  8. The need of affection of parents or partners
  9. The constant need of confirmation
  10. Suicidal thoughts 
  11. Believe in your therapist
  12. Crying for change
  13. Self acceptance is hard
  14. Terrible self destructive thoughts
  15. Self harm does not change anything
  16. Wanting to escape from situations
  17. Bordies hold on to someone to much
  18. The attached meaning in the mind 
  19. This and then that
Naming problems someone experiences is always a challenge. You have to be open to yourself and others to admit you have some problems. Then it is not just about you to admit having some problems, but others have to do the same. Only by doing this, people can find recognition and a list of general problems such as this list can be made. Anyway, I hope you will find this list useful. Did I miss any general problems according to you?

Just let me know by leaving a comment on this blog and I will add it and also dedicate a separate blog post to it.

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