zondag 9 december 2012

Borderline and Abandoning anxiety – Introduction

Borderline combined with abandoning anxiety is a very well know phenomenon. You can read a lot about this on the web or see a lot of videos about this topic.  People talk about this and ask lots of questions about Borderline and Abandoning anxiety. You can see questions come up like why people with Borderline have abandoning anxiety. How they have to deal with that and why they cling so much to a person and why a person with Borderline has a heavy way of responding.

When this actually happens to a person having Borderline Personality Disorder, that the relationship has really come to an end, how are you dealing with that yourself? How can you learn to understand your feelings of abandoning anxiety? I will share the secrets of Borderline combined with abandoning anxiety with you. To keep all of this clear, I have decided to dedicate a series of blogs on this topic.

Did you come on this blog directly? Below I have added a list of links to each of the blog posts I have written about this.

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