zondag 9 december 2012

Borderline Personality Disorder and clinging to a relationship part 1

You have probably heard it; a person with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) clings to a particular person. Most of these people are their family, partner or good friend(s). Why are people with BPD so clinging? Or better said, why do others think people with BPD are so clinging? Where does that behavior come from?  Why is somebody having BPD not a little bit more down to earth? Can they actually be alone? Are they having more trouble with processing certain situations or loss?

Let me explain to you how this works exactly. A person with BPD has a more complex perception. This means that a person clings, because he or she attaches much importance to someone. To some degree, everybody can understand this feeling. The thing is, a person having Borderline needs, based on my research, a lot more support with the processing of situations. Some examples are the loss of a relationship or a good friend who ends the friendship or a family member who breaks contact.

The reason why this happens I will discuss in my next blog Borderline Personality Disorder and clinging to a relationshippart 2. In my next blog I will dive into questions like why people break up with someone having BPD, when it is because of BPD related behavior, why people do not like that fact. How a person processes situations will go differently from one person to another. It depends on your open mindedness and how much of emotional resistance you have.

Someone with BPD has a very fluctuating emotional resistance. The cause of this is probably a more intense emotion system. You could best see it as a roller coaster feeling or the beginning stage of being in love. Something I wonder is that people having BPD could be in love longer compared to other people? Do people with Borderline Personality Disorder have an idealistic idea and do they feel extremely happy? So happy that they make the person become their own world?

Everyone knows the feeling of being happy, but a person having Borderline Personality Disorder attaches so much importance to the person that breaking up is no option. When the person says ‘bye’, all the beautiful times have been in vain, right? Why would you stop this beautiful relationship when you are so crazy about someone? A person with BPD has deep empathic capabilities and a big roller coaster feeling. Someone with BPD is a bit ‘heavier’ in any aspect.

You can see that a person with BPD is responding ten times as heavier on fear, sadness, anger, being in love, being intimate, happiness and insecurity. Bottom line; A BPD patient is always on the edge of a cliff with every feeling that he or she is experiencing at the moment.

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