maandag 10 december 2012

The power of people having Borderline Personality Disorder

Helpful facts, opinions and thoughts <3

  • Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder understands what real pain is and will always be there  for you
  •  A person with Borderline cannot help it that his or her emotions run high
  •  A patient having Borderline feels a lot and therefore is very sensitive
  • He or she already understands what you need and is able to give it to you quickly
  • He or she is in his or her own world and sometimes does not see that
  • He or she is impulsive in regards to doing something nice and this results into some nice creativity
  • He or she can come up with a poem out of the blue
  •  Perhaps he or she clings to a relationship quite a lot, but he or she does that because he or she cherishes this relationship very much, no matter how strange this might seem to you
  •  Someone with borderline asks for attention, but only does that to seek solace in his or her pain. Not to consciously deplete you.
  • He or she often rejects people, because he or she wants to be alone. The truth of the matter is that he or she does not want to bother anyone with her problems.
  • He or she wants to give you energy by doing his or her own thing, not to be ungrateful for your help.  On the contrary he or she is really grateful for your help.
  • He or she might scream and getting mad, but this does not mean it is personal. It basically comes from a deeper soul
  • He or she is enormously attention giving and enthusiastic, something quite unique.
  • He or she is really generous by her impulsivity and because of that she is really sweet to people by giving things to them
  • He or she might be vulnerable, but definitely has strong qualities too
  • He or she is so smart that she can come up with all of that suspicion, quite a gift actually even if it is a danger to him or herself
  • He or she will make it
  • He or she can write songs perfectly, because he or she experiences so many feelings and therefore he or she can translate all of that into a beautiful song.
  • Sometimes he or she does not know where to look, but certainly is willing to look
  • He or she does not know which path to follow, but certainly is willing to follow many paths where she falls and rises and sees.
  • He or she tries to understand why
  • He or she is interested in contact with fellow people having Borderline Personality Disorder.

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