zondag 9 december 2012

Borderline and clinging to a relationship part 3

Here we are, we have arrived at the last part of this series about borderline and clinging to relationships. Did you have a chance to read my last two blog posts? If not, you can read part one here and part two here.

The best strategy for everybody suffering from abandoning anxiety; there are alternatives. Think about that gray area I talked about in my last blog post. When you are single you can do everything you wish and you can date others, in moderation of course. You can go out with your friends more, because you spend less time hanging out with your lover on the weekends. You can post that awesome picture of yourself without French kissing with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Let’s think about it this way! That vision you had, so great so romantic with the love of your life, or let’s say your ex? That vision will get back to you eventually with the right person in it. And another thing, where did our favorite quote “An individual is the strongest when on its own”? People with Borderline Personality Disorder do not believe in that, but of course they really want to. If you do not believe in the quote I just mentioned you drive yourself crazy, see people with BPD can have a very heavy response to the loss of a relationship.

Let’s not go too deep here. It is also understandable, because someone having BPD is attaching so much importance to his or her partner by the extreme amount of love. This is a beautiful thing and this amount of love you can pass on to another person. Just keep on fighting, no matter how bad a situation is. No matter how many relationships you will lose, you will find your true love in the end. Trust me.

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